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What is GETsidetracked?

One way creative ideas emerge is when your routine gets interrupted, when you get provoked or sidetracked. Most people see getting sidetracked as a problem as it seems like a distraction. If you search for books on getting sidetracked for example they are generally about how to stay focused and not get sidetracked! Most of our good ideas have come when we’ve explored what’s happened when we’ve been sidetracked. Out of that many side projects have grown. Jonny and Joel came up with some t-shirt designs on this theme for a series of webinars on creativity. They were so good that they then pondered whether to set up a platform for those. At the same time Jonny and Jon were working on a book Pioneer Practice and wanting to create a platform for people to be able to buy that. Somehow all of that came together through a few conversations and led to us setting up a business partnership between the three of us - GETsidetracked. The first project is Pioneer Practice which we hope you will love. It’s a book that is a collection of practical wisdom for pioneering presented in full colour. It will be a platform that we use for future projects when we next get sidetracked - the initial t-shirt idea may well be one. Watch this space.

Who are GETsidetracked?

Jonny Baker, Jon Birch & Joel Baker

Who are the contributors?

David Harrigan, Adam Gompertz, Jo Howie, Miriam Wakefield, Tim Thorlby, Erika Biscoe, Kim Brown, Anna Hembury, Harvey Kwiyani, Meg Fry, Paul Bradbury, Andrea Campanale, Andy Freeman, Johnny Sertin, Michael Mitton, Sue Steer, Gavin Mart, Ben Thorpe, Shannon Hopkins, Tina Hodgett, Ann-Marie Wilson & Richard Passmore

What are shipping / postage costs?

1 book £3.50
2 books £4
3 books £4
4-9 books £10
10+ books, postage free

1 book £7
2 books £12
3 books £14
3+ books, get in touch

Rest of world, standard
1 book £11
2 books £20
3 books £24
3+ books, get in touch

Rest of the world, economy (can take several weeks to deliver)
1 book £6.50
2 books £11.50
3 books £13.50
3+ books, get in touch

How do you package your books?

We use wrap around cardboard packaging that is recyclable and protects the books nice and tightly packed.

What is the difference between rest of the world standard and economy?

In a word time and money. Economy will take several weeks to arrive but it is cheaper.

What is the last sentence in ‘A Slow Rise’ article by Anna Hembury?

The slow rise allows us to find rich nutrients in this written-off place, to be nourished as well as to nourish.

What is the last sentence in ‘A Time To Build’ conversation?

Context is important. Right now everything is shifting!

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