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The Sacred Bean Eucharist

This is a table of welcome, ALL are invited to join in this special act. An act of remembrance, an act of imagination, and an act of anticipation.

The coffee bean is a bit like us humans, it needs the right environment in which to thrive. It needs to be looked after and treated well in order to reach its full potential. It needs the input of others; it needs to be handled with care.

(a bowl of coffee beans is passed around and everyone takes a bean)

Like the coffee beans you hold, all here are unique and hold so much potential. God-given potential. These beans are seeds, they represent hope. Hope to a broken world, hope in the midst of despair, hope of a future.

(hold the coffee bean in your closed fist)

For the times we have not fulfilled our potential
We are sorry God

For when we have not seen the potential that you have placed in others
We are sorry God

For when our actions have caused others to wither rather than thrive
We are sorry God

(Place beans all together in bowl)

You have called us to become one, your Holy church, to work together for the purpose of your Kingdom

(Beans are put into the grinder and then ground)

God, your word reminds us that we are all special, and like these beans, blended together to create a delicious and distinct flavour, when we join together, it is beautiful.

(The stove is lit)

Jesus, you are the light of the world. Your light empowers, inspires and guides us.

(The coffee grinds are put into the stove top and it is then put on the stove to brew)

As the coffee brews, reflect on the journey of this coffee, including those involved. From the farmer that nurtured and grew the coffee plant and the hands that picked the beans, to those that have expertly roasted the beans. Think about and give thanks for those that have influenced your journey and nurtured you, to the point of being at this table today.

(Once the coffee is brewed)

Come Holy Spirit, come amongst us and within us, come upon this gift from creation and by your power, as it enters our bodies, help us to accept the grace that Jesus made possible

(The coffee is poured into cups and distributed to each person)

Jesus gathered at a table with friends and shared a meal.
Today, we gather as friends, to drink this coffee.

Jesus described himself as ‘the bread of life’, and at that table, he tore a loaf of bread, and told his friends to eat it and remember him.

At this table, there’s no bread, just coffee. Coffee that provides, coffee that gives life.

As we sip this coffee, we remember that Jesus gave his life for ours
Jesus, we remember you

(sip coffee together)

On that same night, Jesus drank wine with his friends. He told them that the wine represented his precious blood, that was to pour from his body as he hung on a cross. At this table, there’s no wine, just coffee. Bittersweet Coffee.

As we sip this coffee, we remember that after the bitterness of death, came the sweetness of life.
Jesus, we remember you

(sip coffee together)

After a moment’s silence...

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” May the taste of this coffee lingering on your lips, remind you of God’s goodness and of the richness of life. God is like the farmer who grew the beans that created this coffee, we are nurtured and loved, and although individual, our potential is fulfilled when in community with others.

Farmer God, thank you for your loving care. Give us compassion to demonstrate that same loving care to others, including those around this table.


Taken from the book

Pioneer Practice

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