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As a pioneer you see something — a possibility, an idea, a way that things could be better or new or different. And then you make something happen out of what you see. This book is for you if you are a pioneer and you long for and dream of a better world and you want to do something about it. Its focus is practice — how pioneering happens on the ground.

We don’t just want dreamers; we want dreamers who do.

  • Written by Jonny Baker, designed by Jon Birch
  • 192 pages, Full colour, 240 x 167mm
  • A book you want to leave out for others to see
  • A mix of research, stories, conversations, articles, and insights from a range of pioneers who are doing it. See FAQs for list of contributors.
  • Practical help as you use your imagination and creativity to build something
  • Contains 6 sections; Research, Stories, Be you, See, Build, Change
  • The download edition is delivered by email as a PDF.


GETsidetracked is a partnership and platform and Pioneer Practice is our first creative project. That in itself is a fun story in that Jonny ran a series of webinars on creativity in January 2021. One of the themes explored was how getting knocked off your regular routine is a provocation that often leads to new ideas. In other words one way to be creative is to deliberately get sidetracked. That all led to this being born which we hope can be a platform for further ways we ourselves get sidetracked! Watch this space.

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